Holistic Health

My journey down this path stemmed from the birth of my daughter. She was born with an allergic reaction to cow’s milk protein. While it took a number of months to diagnose this as a baby, it took about 4 years before she was able to readily digest it without issue.

One step ahead of me, was a girlfriend, mom of four, who had already been down this path as well but under different, and more severe, circumstances. Her daughter was suffering from epileptic seizures and by age 4 was having up to 200 seizures a day. This was enough to prompt her to move her entire family to Colorado to obtain the already-legal benefits of medicinal marijuana, as it was not legal in our home state.

Her advice on finding holistic practitioners was indispensable for me at a time of what seemed to be a colicky baby, when in fact she was not. My baby was hurting, and it was around the clock. So from countless hours of searching the web, and all sorts of mom’s forums, my friend’s advice and experience prompted me to consider alternative approaches.

Fortunately, I was blessed with a pediatrician, mom of 3, (who was third in line of pediatricians when I refused to believe the first two) who suggested to me to remove milk/dairy from my diet (I was breastfeeding at the time). After one week off dairy and seeing immediate improvement, I was finally feeling relief and having some hope…

…but now came the part of finding what items I could eat, and what kinds of food she would ultimately be able to eat. And thus began my journey into organic foods, dietary modifications, supplements, and whole food – getting back to the basics.

I plan to write more in depth about this experience. There were very few forums where I found this explicit condition. Many were focused on traditional colic, whereas I could tell from literature that this was not the case for us. If you can’t find it yet, please check back as I hope to have more detailed entries coming soon.