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Lanesplitter (

This pattern has turned into one of my favorites for whipping up an awesome winter skirt – great over leggings, paired with some cute boots – this skirt provides warmth for even the coldest winters.

Lanesplitter – 2019 (second skirt)


My second Lanesplitter skirt, a year later, turned out much better than the first. This time I turned it inside-out and crocheted the waistband directly to the edge. Similarly, I followed the same pattern resulting in a simple rectangle then stitched the short edges together to form the skirt. Following that, I added the waistband and pulled the looseness together by crocheting in the round and decreasing chains as I went.

⦁ US 10 1/2 straight needles (for body of skirt)
⦁ J – 5.75mm crochet hook (for waistband)
⦁ [MC – A] Gina, Plymouth Yarn Co. – 100% wool; 50g/109 yds – color #0017 (blues, greens and brown) ($7/skein) (these are the background colors)
⦁ [CC – B] – 100% cottons for green/blue, 100% buffalo for brown (no tags, came from WI farm) (these are the ridge colors)
⦁ [Waistband – C] – Loops & Threads Bulky Charisma (biege).

Lanesplitter – 2018 (first attempt)


Notes: I needed 6 skeins of Noro Kureyon colors #102 and #149. The original pattern calls for Tahki Cotton Classic for the contrasting color but the following a display skirt from Yarnology in Winona, MN I used all wool instead.

I obtained the following measurements (after blocking), trying for the M size (19.5 on increase, 36 on the straight, and 144 CO for the waistband):
15″ – top width (with 144 co for the waistband)
18″ – bottom width
25″ – length (turned out MUCH longer than expected!)

Also, for adding the waistband, I inserted the skirt into the waistband and crocheted it together. I lined up the bound off edge of the waistband with the top of the skirt, and then crocheted into it (see pics). I used only single crochet and kept the yarn on the backside (instead of passing over the top).


Since the skirt edge circumference was larger than the waistband, and rather floppy, I tried to bunch up the skirt edge a little bit with every single crochet and it worked out rather well.





US 8, 16″ circular needles

US 7 double-pointed needles

Katia Cotton-Merino (70% cotton / 30% wool)

Steps for hat (US 8, 16″ circular):

  • CO 56/64/72/80 (Sizes: 0-3 mo / 3-6 mo / 6-12 m / 12m+)  (Size 12m+ shown)
  • Rounds 1-5: *k1,p1* repeating to end
  • 15/20/25/28 rounds of k
  • Start decreasing:
    • R1: *k6, k2tog* repeating to end of round
    • R2: k (k on all even rounds)
    • R3: *k5, k2tog* repeating to end
    • R4: k
    • R5: *k4, k2tog* repeating to end
    • R6: k
    • R7: *k3, k2tog* repeating to end
    • R8: k
    • R9: *k2, k2tog* repeating to end
    • R10: k
    • R11: *k1, k2tog* repeating to end
    • R12: k
    • R13: k2tog

Steps for ears (US 7 double-pointed or straight needles):

Back side of each ear:

  • CO 12 sts in backside color (dark shown)
  • R1: k (knit in tail)
  • R2: p
  • R3: k
  • R4: p
    • R5: k, dec first 2 sts
    • R6: p, dec first 2 sts
  • Repeat rows 5 and 6 until 5 sts are left, then bind off

Front side of each ear:

  • CO 10 (do not knit in tail) and do the same pattern as back side


US 7 Double-pointed needles

Baby Marble Double Knit yarn by James C. Brett (100% Acrylic,100g)

Steps, knit in the round:

  • CO 32/36/40 (S/M/L) (or must be a multiple of 4)
  • K2, P2 ribbing until 5.5″/6.5″/7.5″ in length
  • K2, P2, bind off 4 sts for thumb hole, K2, P2 remainder of round
  • K2, P2, cast on 4 sts, K2, P2 remainder of round
  • Continue K2, P2 until total length of 8″/9″/10″



These wraps are perfect for summer when heading indoors to over-chilled air conditioned buildings, plus they’re quick and easy to make!

Needles: US 8 or 9
Guage: 12 sts ≅ 4″
Yarn: 3.52 oz / 100g, Uluru Jasper Green (Queensland Collection)


  • CO 36/48/60 (S/M/L or an even #); (S and M shown)
  • k 3 rows
  • k2, *yo, k2tog* to last 2 sts, k2
  • k 3 rows
  • Begin pattern:
    • 10 rows of:   k2, [yo, k2tog] to last 2 sts, k2
    • 5 rows of: k
      • On every third row of these 5 rows, create eyelet on both ends using:
      • (eyelet row) k2, yo, k2tog, [k] to last 4 sts, k2tog, yo, k2
  • Repeat pattern of 15 rows 12/15/18 times
  • End with k 5 rows (these 5 will be where you add buttons – do not create eyelets on the last 5) and bind off on 6th row of k


* Pattern originally by Margaret K.K. Radcliffe / Maggie’s Rags creates a nice thick washcloth

US 7 (4.5 mm) needles
100% cotton yarn (such as Sugar’n Cream; Lily’s)

  • CO 45 stitches
  • Row 1 (Right Side): knit
  • Row 2 (Wrong Side): *k1, slip 1 purlwise*, repeat ending with k1
  • Row 3: knit
  • Row 4: k2, *slip 1, k1* to last 3 sts, slip 1, k2
  • Repeat these 4 rows to desired length, finishing the last row on Wrong Side
  • Bind off