If I told you my story, I can assure you, you wouldn’t believe me.

But it starts here.


A few years later, much knowledge gained, and the posts in the Perspectives and Happenings have consumed me. As the devil twisted the world around me, God presented his truths to me. Now, because of the insidious evil behind the tribulation, my writing will seem elementary….as I’m doing my best, to simply stand. But I hope I can leave some truth to those searching for understanding. To those who believe the unbelievable, and to those, who believe the word of God.

This page probably won’t be found in a Google search, so that has impeded my desire to write more. Also, due to the “absurdity” of some of the ideas expressed here, I cannot say definitively if these are truths – we would not know until and unless they come to pass. Although I do believe they are happening now, it’s difficult to get others to see – because the beast (system) arises like a leopard, camouflaged in the fabric and culture of a nation. I believe the expression “they” use is “nothing is as it seems”.

However, God’s word makes light of everything and all truth is found there. But we are living in a world of lies…and so when God’s word brings this truth forward, it will turn the world upside-down.

We will want to (rightfully so) fight for the same things we always have, we will want to fight for peace, liberty, justice, etc… We will want to fight! for our country, and rightfully so.

However, IF we were to believe God’s word, we might understand that God will be bringing to ruin all that upholds the lies.

So if we continue to struggle and fight….we will find ourselves warring against God. If His word indicates the ruin of “all that upholds the lie” (aka, the fall of Babylon)…that would indicate the ruin of a matrix system which supports and involves the media and government (and in fact, the rest of us!). It is not that I want to see that happen – but! – if His word is telling us IT WILL happen. We can do nothing about it.

What we can do, is start becoming accustomed to the idea that media is causing much of our problems and is the #1 proponent of global governance. We can start spending more time in the word of God than in worrying about what our neighbor across the street is doing, or what the neighboring town is doing, or what the other state is doing, or what the other countries are doing. We can get rid of MSM by refusing to pay for cable TV, find only news that is relevant to you and your locality (so difficult to find others feeling the same!).

We could be “preppers” of a sort but even that will only last so long.

We could heed the word of God and heal our land but that would require a dismantling of a very large system/network which everyone knows “they” will not take down.

So if you believe God destroyed the original tower of Babel, then you must believe he would do it again (the grid, which enables the current “tower of Babel” – that which sustains the worldwide communication of peoples). The more control “they” try to have over the world (and the people therein), the tighter “they” are tying the noose (likely, around our collective heads).

We could (and should) make back-up plans for entire grid failures. Instructing people on how to go about life/business if all breaks down. But look at the current situation. If people are already stealing and looting….where would we be without all “our cameras”? You would have ZERO control and everything would collapse.

IF God has called for 70 years destruction of Babylon, and you believe that is precisely what He intended – was 70 years. AND, if you believe the beginning of lies started with television, media, etc….then we need to take heed to His word. Prepare for these things. Love your neighbor (don’t spy on them).

My posts under Perspectives and Happenings are theories only. I do believe God has granted me knowledge (while others are showing me what they do as well)….so with a combination of those things….I only write these posts as theoretical (but as truth to me…and probably for others who are watching and waiting – ps – woe to the “watchers”!)

If the signs of the times seem near…..then perhaps this can be of help to you. Maybe it will help you put your own pieces together; with patience and perseverance, since the pieces come slowly, one day and night, at a time:

Psalm 19:3 “Day pours out the word to day, and night to night imparts knowledge;

The knowledge comes from dreams or visions, often at night. The truth or validity of those come from the reading of Scripture. His word will either reinforce, or denounce (the false dreams and visions…because the enemy can send those as well). Afterall, even the devil appears as an angel of light.