My letter to RFK at Children’s Health Defense – 7/22/2020

Hello. This is the second email I’ve sent to your organization. I don’t believe I’ve encountered any organization who is addressing and fully understanding/believing the issues we are facing. I have had first-hand account/witness to the use/abuse of mass surveillance and electronic targeting. The entities are powerful and have completely destroyed my life….I am left with nothing outside of anger left at the powerful groups at work who are not only trying to quiet me but who are also on constant attack.

I can’t imagine the mindset of these people. I was a single mom with a good career and a small circle of family and friends. As my nightmare began to unfold, I simply couldn’t believe so many people would be participatory in the combined destruction of just one woman.

As time went on I began to realize the ulterior motives in that I am nothing but an early “guinea pig” to something they plan to roll out en masse. Given the pervasive nature of the vaccine industry, it should not surprise us that the “next agenda” is the ultimate buying/selling of our minds.
From what I can understand, they take all your personal data and treat you like a data point on a grid (to maximize their profit, of course). For approx the last 2 years, they have expected me to be “programmed to live in WI” – having to constantly “hear” them in my home. This is done through our appliances, air conditioning units, anything generating a substantial amount of power. The profit is regenerated via their existing media infrastructure. They limit employment to what they deem is “acceptable”….and even in that case, they have not wanted/allowed me to work for 4 years now.
Clearly, after someone loses their job, home, family, etc…they will not have much left in their “creative bank”…nor resources of family/friends since they too, were unknowingly targeted and threatened. They leave you with nothing and trample the truth of it as they go.
So I have researched this extensively and in some ways, “reverse programmed” them to understand who/what they are. (They are constantly bickering/fighting/insulting….some are more reserved than others, feigning a given “wisdom” but knowing what they are doing is evil/wicked.) They seem to have people working 24-7 because I can wake in the middle of the night and they are still bickering about “what to do”.
They claim they want me to be “happy” (as long as I listen to them via my electronics) but clearly a whitewashed life is not happiness. Not when I see the organized crime and corruption behind it. They are promoting a “digitized life”, where they have given me a “false image” to the “rest of the entertainment industry” – and expect me to accept it.
But the entire image is based on lies.
Science/technology/medicine and the “authority behind them” (essentially, the US patent office) has made it easy for the entire world to believe we can live in a world only where billions of people need to be inoculated in order to survive.

This is simply not true. Think about it: as a species, human beings cannot survive unless we all are injected with a man-made substance? All 7 billion of us?
We’re so far down their rabbit hole – the people at large – that it is nearly impossible to get the world to realize what has actually happened.

Interestingly enough, I see more mom groups than anyone who are trying to sound this alarm. What I see happening ultimately, is that “mom really does know best”. We are the life-givers (after the Lord has done his work, of course). We are the life-bearers. We know our babies, and children, better than anyone.
One frightening aspect I noted during the first 5 years of my daughter’s life was how suddenly people without children were making decisions for my child and me. From attorneys, probation officers, social workers, police, doctors and nurses. MANY of them, without children of their own, and many even younger than me. And not a single one of these was correct in their diagnoses/assumptions and my hands were tied by the courts that these folks would be the ones to determine whether I should even have my daughter or not.

I worked in medical research for 15 years at a “reputable” institution. They participated in the targeting and after a few years of barely getting by from their attacks, I have done considerable research into this “situation”. Every single piece of electronics around me are “hacked”. I.e., all major appliances, homes, vehicles, etc….are being monitored 24-7. This not only applies to me – but to all of us. That said, however, it has become evident that I am a “targeted” individual. So much to the point where family members have been murdered, child taken away, jobs restricted…and I was told I was being “programmed” – like a data point on the grid. Literal transmission of machine-to-brain. I have been fighting this like crazy but am running out of resources. While I am forced to “hear” them every day – everywhere I go – especially where there are large appliances, vehicles, water generation….I try to ignore them.
Save myself from leaving the country this may be one of the last attempts I make to people of this country who understand these issues. I have no other alternative.
I want to work and I want others to see what is happening and others to recognize the truth of the “beastly system” and how if we are to consider ourselves a “Christian nation” it is time we start calling it out.

I would love to have a chance to testify and work with your group. I have considerable background in research – both professionally and on my own. Only the complete destruction of my life/family has been hindering me for a few years but I want to fight because I want to see justice served to those “behind the curtain”. It’s vast, I realize. But I’ve had enough “letting them handle things” – when in fact, it only brings me to ruin.

Please contact me if I can assist in any way. I could bring much truth/light to all the fronts in which your organization is battling….if only someone would hear.
(currently residing temporarily in TX due to inability to find adequate housing)

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