9 Household Products That May Be Spying on You – ABC News


How the use of technology has only ramped up (rather than dismantled) the ability for psychological experimentation on the US citizenry. When the government is not only complicit but actively involved in these types of operations, where is a person supposed to find help defending their Constitutional rights? You don’t. Because when you report it to them, you will be ignored, or thrown in jail or a mental institution. Everything will be taken from you, and in fact, they will threaten you with death “if you run”. Essentially, they believe, once you’re forced into the matrix, you will accept the “image” given to you… depending on your “performance” in life…. despite the fact they will easily oppress you and coerce you into a job, lifestyle, and image “given to you”, regardless of whether it fits your person or not. And if you resist, you get bad image, lies, harassment, etc.

The old matrix game having been largely implemented for decades, and only growing. Originally theorized through psychological ops warfare used through the CIA, this form of manipulation is horrendous. It involves torture, continual (24-7) surveillance and harassment of individuals. Succeeding from the matrix and believing God’s word in place of what you see and hear on TV and in books is the narrow gate Jesus tells us of. Because the opposite direction leads to job, money, home, etc….much of which has already been money of iniquity, theft, and bribery.

They want to protect their secrets and don’t be fooled, they have and will use it against you.

Their minions are everywhere because it’s been building for so long…and many have bought into the system (and due to their prosperity do not want to abandon it). From original television and home appliances to current smart phones and computers….it’s been an ongoing system that, like a leopard, will suddenly emerge. Much more quickly now with advanced technology and rapid information sharing.

America’s Constitutional rights no longer exist yet when we’ve delved into State of lawlessness,God’s word will have the final say on whether He will allow humanity to be overrun by machines, mirrors, lies, murder, and corruption.

Christians may want to brush up on images and technology through the eyes of Ezekiel and Revelation. Eyes within the wheels and rims are nothing more than eyes to the television industry (the fornicators with Washington)….with all the outside world eyes watching it. The rims are nothing more than the camera’s lens. Both books are apocalyptic in imagery and seventy years is a common theme for Babylon for a number of the prophetic books. We can either be be sure the day of the Lord is near, or, assume God will watch while technology takes over to create the new Jerusalem, which do you think?



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