Climate Geoengineering: Taking note

“Geoengineering particles are nanoscale: so small they go straight through our lung lining, into our blood stream, and adhere to cell receptors like a plaque

The Dimming, Film Preview ( Geoengineering Watch Dane Wigington )


Regarding COVID-19:

A handful of genetic and structural analyses have identified a key feature of the virus — a protein on its surface — that might explain why it infects human cells so readily.
Other groups are investigating the doorway through which the new coronavirus enters human tissues — a receptor on cell membranes. Both the cell receptor and the virus protein offer potential targets for drugs to block the pathogen, but researchers say it is too early to be sure.

“Why does the coronavirus spread so easily between people?”
” Researchers have identified microscopic features that could make the pathogen more infectious than the SARS virus — and serve as drug targets.”
Smriti Mallapaty

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