Après Skirts

The perfect skirt following a day on the slopes! These skirts are meant to cover-up and keep warm after peeling off your winter outerwear. These skirts are hand-crocheted with a variety of wool fibers and can be custom made to suit your size/color preferences.

(note: pattern/measurements are NOT complete! since these are still a work in progress I haven’t been able to properly size for all sizes yet. Because they are so easy for a quick work-up, however, you can adjust as needed)


  • The skirt on the top left uses a J hook with approx. 600 yds of a worsted weight 75% Navajo Rambouillet & Domestic Fine Wool / 25% Mohair blend from Peace Fleece. This skirt is warm and mid-weight.
  • The skirt on the bottom left uses a K hook with approx. 600 yds of a bulky weight wool blend such as Wool-Ease Thick & Quick by Lionbrand yarn. This skirt is thick and warm with a heavier weight.

SC – single crochet
SS – slip stitch
HDC in BLO – half-double crochet in back loop only

 General Sizing   (check fit as you go)Girls:
18” – 20” waist
12” length
Chain xx (worsted weight)
Chain xx (bulky weight)

28 ½” – 32 ½” waist
37” – 40” hips
Chain 86 (worsted weight)
Chain xx (bulky weight)

30 ½” – 35” waist
39” – 42.5” hips
Chain 96 (worsted weight)
Chain xx (bulky weight)

Instructions for worsted weight skirts (S/M / M/L)


Rows for waistband:

  1. Chain (86 / xx)
  2. Row1: SC starting (5 / 6) chains from hook, 5 SC in last chain to round corner
  3. Row 2: SC to 2nd to last chain from start, 3-5 SC in last chain to round corner
  4. Row 3: SC to 2nd from last chain from start, 2 SC in each of 5 to round corner
  5. Continue these steps to desired width of “belt”
  6. This is where you will leave some of the button hole end of belt (approx. 1 in) free from being attached to skirt to allow for tightening
  7. Beginning with new color, SS to join belt to start first round of skirt – SC for the entire round – if needed, chain 3-5 to join the ends, otherwise you can just SS to join. Use the chain on the button end which ends just before the corner, and the chain approx. 1” in from the end of the button hole to join.

Rows for skirt (starting with second color)

  1. SC for approx. 1” OR HDC in BLO for approx.. 1” (4-6 rounds)
    1. SC will give you a tighter section below the waist, HDC in BLO will allow for more stretch
  2. Pattern: HDC in BLO (rnd1) plus *DC + CH1* (rnd 2) – repeat these 2 rounds 3x
  3. Beginning body of skirt (starting with third color)
    1. Increase for the hips in the first 6 rounds by:
      1. HDC in BLO, increase by using 2 HDC in BLO every 10th chain
      2. HDC in BLO next round
      3. HDC in BLO, increase by using 2 HDC in BLO every 9th chain (begin your count with the 5th chain; i.e., starting at 5th chain begin counting that as “chain 1” for your increase – this will put the increased chains in the middle of those in step “i”
      4. HDC in BLO
      5. HDC in BLO, increase by using 2 HDC in BLO every 8th chain
      6. HDC in BLO
    2. HDC in BLO for remainder of rounds, to desired length of skirt

And that’s it, fairly simple and you can adjust the increase as needed, or modify the length/color of each section. I’ve also created these in lighter-weight wool/polyester blends for a light skirt that’s perfect for out on walks/hikes.


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