I Heard the Leaves Clapping

It was a typical Sunday drive, or could have been another day of many roaming the countryside and back roads. Feeling a little nutty, feeling a little absurd. Pondering things seen, felt, and done.

Meditating on Scripture seems to be the prevalent distraction these days and while I think it’s good to do, it can take away from the faith. As it consumes my thoughts it’s difficult to give proper consideration to other things, as in, living life.

In any event, I was traveling along, windows down when I heard a crackling in the trees. It wasn’t “the wind in the trees” nor “the leaves rustling in the wind”….but a distinct sound of what I perceived to be as…. “clapping”? Yes, that was it. It sounded like the telephone wires were causing sparks or “zaps” with the leaves that were bordering them….and I recall thinking “it sounds like sparks in the wires”…or….like “clapping”…or “applause”… in the trees…it was hard to tell. So I strained to hear more intently until the trees disappeared and the phone wires continued along the ditch. And along with that, the sound stopped as well.

Until the road came to the next set of trees. And the “clapping” started again.

Never in my life had I considered the idea that tree leaves could “clap” but that was my thought of the most curious sound I’d heard.

I carried on and slowly dismissed it from thought but recall thinking how strange of a physical phenomenon it seemed. It was as audible as the crickets in the field and the sound of the road under my tires.

And it was only a couple weeks later, and as with many things in past years, it seemed as if the Lord was speaking to me when I stumbled upon Isaiah 55:12:

Yes, in joy you shall depart,
in peace you shall be brought back;
Mountains and hills shall break out in song before you,
        and all the trees of the countryside shall clap their hands.

Huh. How about that. In the midst of the court, and my anger and confusion and hurt and torment….a spiritual battle indeed, and He showed me a sign. It cannot be denied.

I know not what’s to come. But this is how it’s been, traveling with the Lord, during a time in the wilderness. Many times similar things or events occur that cannot be explained and it is only through daily reading of Scripture where I have discernment.

It’s like running with scissors but somehow the pieces continue to add up. I should have posted about the other instances but am afraid of what’s already been stolen from mind thus far. I suppose the posts here are where I’ve allowed myself the filter, as in “guarding your words”. Since it seems apparent they’ve already been taken from me….

Footnote: this is a true story. It’s not fictitious in any way, nor is it a twisting of truth. It means precisely what it says. There are frequent seemingly-supernatural, as well as supernatural, things happening to me these days. In what I feel are “the latter days”. But who can I find experiencing the same? Feel free to like or comment if you feel like strange things are happening with you. Do you feel targeted? Do you feel like end times are close? Do you feel that things are not quite right in the world?

Sometimes I cannot tell if I’m just a whisper in the wilderness or something much louder. In any event, no matter where I turn it seems like it falls on deaf ears. Is anyone hearing, seeing, or listening? I would like to know who you are.

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