Climate Geoengineering: Taking note

The featured image shown above was taken by me over the skies of western Wyoming in February of 2018. Through all my travels in recent years, however, I realized this was not an isolated sighting of what is being termed “chemtrails”. I’ve seen these over the skies of SD, MN, and WI. While I have not seen our skies in the midwest littered as much as some pictures in areas of FL and CA, it certainly raises the question as to whether they will increase, what are they, and who is doing this.

As I started looking for information I found some seemingly credible websites. By far the most comprehensive I’ve found so far is Dane Wigington’s Geoengineering Watch.

In a 2016 article entitled To fight global warming, Senate calls for study of making Earth reflect more light, Science magazine explained: “Albedo modification would work by lacing the atmosphere with tiny particles or aerosols that would reflect sunlight and mimic natural processes. For example, in 1991 the volcano Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines spewed 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, which spans altitudes from 10 to 50 kilometers. There, the sulfur dioxide produced aerosols that reflected enough sunlight to reduce global temperature by an estimated 0.3°C for 3 years. Albedo modification might also work by using aerosols to seed cloud formation in a lower atmospheric layer called the troposphere.”

(So…mother nature can’t reverse all this global warming on her own? We must do it?)

While I have a tendency to prefer the big-picture view, I often skip over the details and make the simple and rational (if you believe in God) link between climate-engineering and the fact that we ought to not play God (lest we share in His wrath).

Proverbs 17:15 tells us: He who condones the wicked, he who condemns the just, are both an abomination to the Lord.


Ephesians 5:11 tells us: Take no part in vain deeds done in darkness; rather, condemn them.

So taking a cue from Science magazine, to fight global warming we should make the Earth reflect more light. Bringing light to darkness requires the details of the evidence needed to spur real change.

So, what do we DO, short of living in a kerosene-lit shack on the beach?

I don’t know because when I think of the details I am overwhelmed. We can map out the chemtrail network, who’s doing what, who supplies the planes, verify the chemicals, find related legislation, track patents, consider health implications, follow the money, etc…

Bring light to darkness. But oh, how dark is the dark! It’s 70 years dark!

Climate modification has been going on for about 70 years. It seems that just now we’re noticing the physical effects in our environment and it’s hitting close to home (especially, and I’m sorry, for those in California).

Having been in medical research for 15 years, I decided to check the health impacts of the chemicals that are used for climate modifications. Those details will go in another post but following advice from the most recent video posted by I did conduct a quick search on Beijing’s artificial winter weather and wound up with numerous articles on cloud seeding and it’s lengthy history.

The pictures I took, above, are not cloud seeding. In fact, the many times I’ve seen these types of trails are often on clear-sky days. The results of a quick search on cloud seeding brought forth even further details of just exactly, how dark the dark is.

Want a Weather Forecast? Ask Wall Street

Talk About High Pressure: If Wall Street Meteorologists Don’t Get Their Forecasts Right, Their Banks Can Lose Big

Well, if you can cloud seed to alter the weather (i.e., bring excessive rain, cause drought, etc…) AND you can wager on weather forecasts…

And that might be a post for another day, or for someone who wants to “follow the money”.


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