Passion Scarf

This is my version of Light & Up from Caroline Wiens. I used Schoppel-Wolle, Das Paar (Warmfront Color 2208). I’m calling it my passion scarf because I absolutely loved how it turned out. With over 200 sts on the needles at the end of the project, it takes some serious time and commitment to finish this scarf (kudos to all those who have, seeing the pictures on the link above there are some very pretty results with this pattern).

Also, I loved how the colors turned out with the Das Paar. I ran out of the it at the end and finished with a heavier weight, black yarn similar to Lion’s Brand Landscapes (100% acrylic) (you can see this in the pictures). Unfortunately, I finished this project over a year ago and can’t find the label for this yarn! It turned out nicely, however, because the smoothness and added weight eliminated the need for the tassels and gave it a nice border.

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